Is it time to deal with an issue, a problem, or a transition?

It may be that you’re not being heard by your partner or your marriage is in trouble. You may feel something is wrong in how you’re dealing with things or you’re doing something that is not really helping. Or, you’re just not happy. You think you need to change something in your life, your relationship or your career. Something is just not working for you. The path before you is not clear.

It is at these times people take the next step and work with a guide, a coach, a therapist.

My clients say that by working with me they are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges, have more fulfilling relationships, and have made positive changes.

Take the time now to call me to so we can discuss how I can help. Call me at (914) 288-5219.

– Nancy Hutter, MA, LMHC.